Taken At Night, by Christa A. Ludlow

A historical mystery about plague, photography and murder…

The year is 1900, and Beatrix Spencer has just opened her photography studio in the bustling colonial metropolis of Sydney. But it is a turbulent time to start a new business. A deadly outbreak of plague is threatening the city. When Dr Rachel Benedict disappears from a quarantined ship, Beatrix is drawn into the police investigation led by Detective Fergus Blair. Despite their very different backgrounds, Beatrix and Fergus find that the city’s underworld is closer, and more dangerous, than either of them realised. And somewhere, another more sinister photographer is at work.

“The historical aspects of this novel are absolutely fascinating… The pairing of Spencer and Blair fits well, is unforced and seems to be preparing the basis for a good investigative team.”

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The Dark Room

Ghostly girl in Victorian dress
Image by Jon Prachatree via Shutterstock

The second in the series of Sydney mysteries featuring Beatrix Spencer and Fergus Blair.

Seances in the Strand Arcade and stories of disappearing shop girls lead Beatrix and Fergus on a dark trail after a missing murderer.

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